Mitchell Hollander

I love March. She’s so contrary and doesn’t try to please anyone.

We’re all standing around clucking and tapping our feet, arms crossed over our guarded hearts, wagging our heads at March: Well? Where are the crocuses? Where are the warming air and buds bursting forth on trees? Act like Spring!

And March is, like, all wild and cold and windy, grey and icy, stirring up something with her unruly hips and cold embrace, and damn her! Listening to something else, a private mix, earbuds tucked inside her shirt, saying while she dances, eyes closed,

“I am the receding and proceeding, the cessation and the stirring, I am the whirlwind of life that has no direction but center. Dance with me, dance with me! The chaos is my cauldron! Abuzz with change, I will not be orderly, kind or comforting for you.

Stop looking to me to make you happy and tune into your own abyss. Don’t try to use me to keep you from falling over the edge of your status quo. Fall! Plunge! Let the wind show you frenzy and blow away the dead leaves that clung all winter. Instead of running from barrenness, go to its core of vital blackness and get consumed. 

You will see. You are not who you think you are, and neither am I. When you emerge, whole but stripped of all false polarities, you will find the new growth is you, my dear love, it is you.”

This was my poem on Creativity Breakthrough Day 16 (today). I woke to howling winds and snow, on this, the second full day of Spring and thought, “Good for you, March! Be yourself.”

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Till next time, lots of love coming atcha,

© 2017 Phyllis Capanna. All Rights Reserved.

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