Breaking the Family Commandments and Creating Anyway

This past week the loving Universe has conspired to bring me the perfect teachers and teachings. I talked about my fave astrologer and some of the other resources that are helping me lately in last week’s post. Add to them, dreams, random snippets of overheard conversations, and other serendipitous voices in the symphony that is my … Continue reading Breaking the Family Commandments and Creating Anyway

At Imbolc, What Is Stirring?

It is a dig down deep kind of time. It is a time of falling down into the spacious dark within, until we come face to face with unfinished things and beloved things, with past actions un-repaired and past loves undeclared. And it is a time of becoming whole by facing them. It is a … Continue reading At Imbolc, What Is Stirring?

The Great Recalibration of 2017: Tell Your Story

Today’s post is directed to the women and men who are freaking out right now. If you are walking around in a state of perpetual high alert, with a heavy under-layer of gloom, this one’s for you. A dear friend who is having trouble functioning in the aftermath of the collective trauma that was the … Continue reading The Great Recalibration of 2017: Tell Your Story

Where Your Creative Life Begins

Thanks to every one of my faithful readers who responded to my recent survey. I learned that many struggle with finding time to create and trusting themselves enough to actually do it. I also learned that nobody likes the word struggle. Into my third week of not writing anything but my weekly blog post and … Continue reading Where Your Creative Life Begins

Say it. Do it. Write it. Live it.

I was leaving my audiology appointment and remembered that I had brought in my stash of Soul Message cards, intending to give one to the receptionist. I wavered while the thought and feeling of being not good enough, in danger of being rejected, of offering something “stupid” and of no consequence welled up in me as … Continue reading Say it. Do it. Write it. Live it.

9 Things To Do When Your Mind Is Trying To Kill You

With a little preparation and forethought, you can develop an effective personal toolbox for dealing with bouts of intense negative self-talk and the ensuing depression or anxiety. So get out your pen and paper–You're about to create a strategy for when the Critic kicks into high gear. 1. Tell on it. That evil voice inside … Continue reading 9 Things To Do When Your Mind Is Trying To Kill You

Our Labors and Their Fruits

This early Spring, I planted all my saved seeds from seasons past, realizing they don’t gain in potency the longer I hang onto them. So, with the wrong pots, the wrong placements, the wrong everything, I flung seed into dirt. I even threw some out for the wildlife, up by the leach field. I made … Continue reading Our Labors and Their Fruits

Remembering Layne Redmond

The following essay is from a blog series, 30 Days of Joy, now part of a book in progress, Juicy Joyful: How To Squeeze More Joy From Your Already Messy Life. I am using it as today’s blog post to honor the memory and living legacy of Layne Redmond, master frame drummer and pioneer in … Continue reading Remembering Layne Redmond

The S-Word

The Universe designs the perfect circumstances to support your success. If the first thing that jumps to your mind when you read this assertion is your most recent flop, read on. And keep in mind the corollary: "If at first you don't succeed, there's more to the story." I've decided to jump into the topic … Continue reading The S-Word

Madame Transformational Happiness Saves Us From the Scary Thought Monster

I don't know why I thought I'd never encounter the Shadow again. I guess it's possible to believe you've seen the worst, lived through it, and now, what? Smooth sailing? Endless chai lattes? Bagels with cream cheese that don't cause instant weight gain? Yeah, something like that. But just because my darker half showed up … Continue reading Madame Transformational Happiness Saves Us From the Scary Thought Monster