What Do You Want to Create Today?

Midweek Update: My brain is in distract mode. I'm flitting from FB to researching things to do/eat/enjoy in Portland. I'm paying bills, answering emails. The email discussion is about consciousness for Pete's sake. Last night I dreamt my Dad was driving with his shirt off. He was very happy. It was warm out. He doesn't … Continue reading What Do You Want to Create Today?

Your Book: Get Started by Learning to Break Some Rules

Let’s forget for a moment the inevitable blank page. It’s the blank page that scares you, isn’t it, when you think about finally sitting down to tell something? Well let me scare you a little bit more. What it really takes to get started filling blank page after blank page is wasting paper, using up … Continue reading Your Book: Get Started by Learning to Break Some Rules

Your Year to Write Dangerously?

Hello Dear Reader, Have you ever suspected, as I have, that your most important offering to the world is not what you do or what you're good at, but who you are? Probably my biggest internal shift in life occured when I realized that who I am is what I’ve got, and I’d better quickly … Continue reading Your Year to Write Dangerously?

I Might Have What It Takes

Finally, at the end of the day, on 10 x14 watercolor paper, with a handful of unfamiliar, trashy pens, too tired to resist, I sit down to write. Until now I’ve been pushing words out of me like that hot air gust in the doorway of a department store in the city. Pushing it out, … Continue reading I Might Have What It Takes

Where Your Creative Life Begins

Thanks to every one of my faithful readers who responded to my recent survey. I learned that many struggle with finding time to create and trusting themselves enough to actually do it. I also learned that nobody likes the word struggle. Into my third week of not writing anything but my weekly blog post and … Continue reading Where Your Creative Life Begins

The Writer’s Notebook: When the Problem Isn’t the Problem

Well, some weeks you have it and some you don’t. The week before last, I hit the ground running after my writing class and wrote every day on a new project I’ve started. On the 7th day I kept my butt in the chair for the full hour. (It still counts even if the last … Continue reading The Writer’s Notebook: When the Problem Isn’t the Problem

How I Developed a Daily Writing Routine

It isn't complicated, but it can be challenging. To develop any daily habit, all you gotta do is do it every day. Here's how I got there. Start First Thing in the Morning I fill three pages every day. I have a big cup of strong, hot, perfect coffee in my right hand and a pen … Continue reading How I Developed a Daily Writing Routine

Surrender. That is, write.

Honestly, if all the good Lordess gives me in this entire life is loads and loads of time and space, endless blank notebooks and bottles of Mont Blanc ink, a roof over my head, food, great friends, and music, I think I will be able to forgive the decidedly sparse flow of money. So what … Continue reading Surrender. That is, write.

Sometimes It’s Just Easy

Hello Dear Readers and Friends, Seems like a zillion years since my last post, which was 1 week ago. Time slows when you're immersed in the wondrous present moment, doesn't it? Fun Factoid I used to write songs. Lots of them. One of them, called Pictures of Love, which can be heard here, is playing in … Continue reading Sometimes It’s Just Easy

Say it. Do it. Write it. Live it.

I was leaving my audiology appointment and remembered that I had brought in my stash of Soul Message cards, intending to give one to the receptionist. I wavered while the thought and feeling of being not good enough, in danger of being rejected, of offering something “stupid” and of no consequence welled up in me as … Continue reading Say it. Do it. Write it. Live it.