To Nurture Your Creativity, Stop Focusing On Output

Focusing solely on creative output leads to burnout. You will run out of ideas as your flow becomes stagnant. Your inner gremlins will gain a foothold, and it will be difficult to push them back. Worse, you will forget who you are and instead run on who you used to be, and then wonder why … Continue reading To Nurture Your Creativity, Stop Focusing On Output

On Secrets, Vulnerability, and Untidy things

Hola lovelies, You know how sometimes you find yourself doing things that seem to be vestiges of a prior set of priorities or a life you had but has now passed – except for this one thing? Maybe it's a friendship you keep up that's damned unlikely and doesn't fit your narrative, or a habit … Continue reading On Secrets, Vulnerability, and Untidy things

Reclaim Your Creative Soul. Here’s How.

Hello Dear Reader, Thanks for reading this far. I know – Low bar, right? What can I say? I'm easily pleased. 😁 I guess I'm feeling just a little bit heady and giddy after the weekend I had with my coaching peeps in San Jose, re-energizing my business, connecting with all the love and support … Continue reading Reclaim Your Creative Soul. Here’s How.

You Can Do This

  What makes your heart ache with longing, jealousy and/or dread? Go there. It’s your spirit recognizing a piece of itself that hasn’t yet found a home in your conscious awareness. It’s been locked out and wants to come home. What is it? Writing a book? (Or writing anything?) Making art? Travel? Paring down to … Continue reading You Can Do This

A Tour of My Workspace

Sometimes it's inspiring to see how others create. I love to read about the creative routines of some of my favorite writers. Well, here's a peek at my workspace. What's your favorite thing in your workspace?

Make Space In Your Life For You

If “Where do I begin?” is your creativity quagmire, start here. Your time is your life. Give yourself permission to use it the way you really want to. Here are some suggestions for getting a handle on it. Once you get into the habit of setting aside time on a daily basis and get a … Continue reading Make Space In Your Life For You

Surrender. That is, write.

Honestly, if all the good Lordess gives me in this entire life is loads and loads of time and space, endless blank notebooks and bottles of Mont Blanc ink, a roof over my head, food, great friends, and music, I think I will be able to forgive the decidedly sparse flow of money. So what … Continue reading Surrender. That is, write.

Refilling the Well

The following is an excerpt from the new set of Soul Messages, which are on the topic of success. This message is coming to you to remind you that it is time to fill your creative, spiritual and soulful well. You have been drawing from it and using your energies, and your reserves are low. … Continue reading Refilling the Well

Doing It Wrong

It was during a week as a temp at Harvard University that I first encountered Julia’s Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. I was subbing for an assistant to two professors. One was on sabbatical, and one was on vacation. (It was a plum placement.) I proceeded to gobble up The Artist’s Way. That was in 1991, … Continue reading Doing It Wrong

What If Your Dream Is Lost in Translation?

Welcome, reader!  In this post, I tell a story about a failure that was predicable and a success I didn't see coming. (And give a nod to one of my favorite funny men, who had a signature way of falling that was really quite graceful.) This blog, the Joy Report, is about recovery, spirituality and creativity. … Continue reading What If Your Dream Is Lost in Translation?