Why Create? Art + What.

Hello dear reader, Today's blog entry is a video I made for you, sharing my creative process on Days 1 and 2 of my personal 30 Day Creativity Breakthrough, which I'm doing to prepare for Reclaim Your Creative Soul, a program I'm putting together to help gifted but struggling creative people reconnect with their creativity, … Continue reading Why Create? Art + What.

5 Priceless Benefits of Writing Daily (Even If You’re Not a Writer)

https://youtu.be/YcWmQQVpqsA Hi everybody, it’s Phyllis here with part three in the video series about developing a daily writing practice. In the first video, I talked about the 5 essentials for getting started with writing, and in the second, I talked about how to make it a daily thing. In this video I’m going to talk … Continue reading 5 Priceless Benefits of Writing Daily (Even If You’re Not a Writer)

Delight and Wonder for the Creative Soul

Hey and Happy Sunday, everyone! Here's another video in my creative space, and an introduction to some of my handmade books, something I've been in love with since forever, books being one of the greatest inventions of all time. I think collecting things is a great way to allow our inner artist and creative souls … Continue reading Delight and Wonder for the Creative Soul

A Tour of My Workspace

Sometimes it's inspiring to see how others create. I love to read about the creative routines of some of my favorite writers. Well, here's a peek at my workspace. What's your favorite thing in your workspace? https://youtu.be/s3ZBsJ-rqBg

Vlog #2 SARK Reading and Book Giveaway

I'm back this week reading an excerpt from Succulent Wild Love and launching a giveaway of the book. Comment, Like and Share to be entered to win. I'll draw the winner this Friday, track you down and mail you a copy. Read my review of Succulent Wild Love here, or just listen to an excerpt, … Continue reading Vlog #2 SARK Reading and Book Giveaway