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Holistic Entrepreneurs, Healers, Healing Arts and Spiritually-Based Business Owners

If you have a strong desire to serve, there’s nothing worse than feeling you just can’t find a way to give your gift to the world and thrive financially doing it.

If you’re ready to start turning that around, increase your confidence, learn how to connect with your perfect clients and make a bigger difference, you’re in the right place.

My name is Phyllis Capanna, and I love holistic healing, because it’s helped me in my personal journey of healing, often in very deep and lasting ways. But I kept encountering practitioners and healers who were not getting their work and their message out there. I saw a huge missed opportunity for connecting people with some very effective ways of dealing with wellness, spiritual and life purpose challenges.

People the world over are searching for a deeper meaning and authentic connection with each other and the world. So I founded Love Yourself Forward Holistic Business Coaching to empower healing arts entrepreneurs to serve powerfully, become leaders, and make a bigger difference, by creating sustainable businesses for themselves and their clients.

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I want to discover my power as a healer!

I’ve put together a gift package of inspiring and practical tools to help you in your quest for how to offer your power healing gift in the most effective way, while creating a sustainable business for yourself and for your clients.

I focus on 4 major areas to help you to Master the Inner Game of being in business as a holistic practitioner, Ignite Your True Power as a Healer, Be More Productive, Grounded and Organized with helpful hacks, and Be More Effective with Clients with value-added resources you can use with clients.

My gift to you is a sampler that contains useful resources and tools from each of these major areas that you can start using right away in your healing practice.

This gift package contains valuable information that will help you:

Master the Inner Game. You can do this! A specially curated collection of articles to inspire and encourage you, plus a video lecture series on how to use daily writing it to keep you on track and centered.

Ignite Your True Power as a Healer. Complete the Self-Empowerment Quiz and Discovery Playform as a starting point to discovering your greatest gifts as a healer, which in turns helps you find that elusive perfect client and start attracting them to your work. It will also open up your thinking and ignite your creativity about how to create your vision for your healing practice. 

In addition to the Self-Empowerment Quiz and Discovery Playform, enjoy an audio lecture on the power of niche, and how to use it open up amazing possibilities for your work.

Be More Productive, Grounded and Organized. My free ebook Spirit-preneurs and Money: A Grounded Guide, covers handling your money issues so you can deal with your clients’ money issues, setting fees that are in alignment with who you are, handling discounts and whether to barter, keeping your finances organized, and over a dozen strategies and tips for bringing in more money.

Be More Effective With Clients. Read my article on How to Have Conversations about Healing That Help Your Clients Heal and discover how to talk about what you do to actually increase the effectiveness of all your healing modalities.

Rest, Recharge and Find Your Rhythm Again. With a bonus .mp3 of my latest trance rhythm composition, Tar Groove in 15 Remix, perfect for recharging your batteries and de-stressing after a long day of work, tune your brain and create productive rest. Add it to your mix list!

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My mission is to help you step into your power and realize your vision as a healing arts entrepreneur.

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